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What is Amazon Firestick: 10 Amazing Features of Firestick


Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by kavin


People are honestly getting very crazy about watching shows, TV Series, Web series, live streaming videos, and such other relatable streaming contact which has made them find a suitable portable or platform to access and easily enjoy the streaming at any time of the day. Amazon Firestick is one such device that enables users to watch any streaming video they want to watch. In this article, we are discussing Amazon Firestick and its features of Amazon Firestick in detail. Further, we request you to must read Can You Use A Firestick On A Roku Tv? (suggested by Techvenator) and many other articles related to Firestick by which allows you to know the ways for empowering/value adding the Firestick to make your streaming experience incredible. Therefore, instead of wasting much time, let’s get into the unbelievable and exciting features of Amazon Firestick.


Before we explore the features of Amazon Firestick, let’s take a look at exactly what Firestick is and how we actually define it. The Amazon Firestick is a trustable portal and a reliable platform that is basically a streaming device that is a USB-like structure with a remote. The USB/HDMI stick plugs in the slot of the TV/LCD/LED whereas the remote is being used to control and used the Firestick on the TV. The Amazon Firestick enables the users to watch any streaming video such as TV Shows, TV series, Web series, TV programs, live and recorded Sports videos and events, live and recorded gaming videos, other live programs, movies, dramas, and more. In short, it solely brings you the biggest entertainment package to never let you bored. Moreover, the Amazon Firestick is an extremely famous and incredibly entertaining device for those who direly love to watch streaming videos all day long.


Roku allows you to plug your headphones directly into the headphone jack on your mobile device, whereas Firestick allows you to use Bluetooth headphones. Roku comes into this round with an advantage because of its intuitive design and ability to offer private listening through the headphone jack of your mobile device.


  1. SIZE:

One feature of Amazon Firestick is basically being tiny in size which actually measures as same as a USB because the user plugs the Amazon Firestick USB in the LED/LCD slot to connect. It comes with a remote as well.

  1. DESIGN:

If we look at the overall design as a feature of Amazon Firestick, it is actually compact as mentioned above, and comes with other necessary parts. It is usually a black-colored device but has different colors too. Further, it doesn’t have any stylish or unique appearance but the main aspect is the performance and streaming significantly.


Another feature of Amazon Firestick is it runs at a very fast speed and causes no lag during the video streaming and any video being played. It actually has the fastest speed with HD Streams. The internal storage is approximately 5GB along with the feature of connecting USB OTG and pen drives to enhance and improve the provided storage as well as attach a wireless mouse, keyboard, and other relatable devices.


As Amazon is a well-known brand all around the world and a highly famous and decorated brand that brings inventive technologies every other day. It is never possible that amazon can ever introduce any of its products with low quality. Similarly, this feature of Amazon Firestick is also one of the best quality streaming devices for those who love streaming.

  1. SETUP:

One of many features of Amazon Firestick is Setting up the Firestick device which is a piece of cake and even a minor kid can make a connection and set up the Firestick to the TV.


Among numerous features of Amazon Firestick, one of them is Parental control. As people are much into gaming and cartoons, they also love to watch relevant streaming. Though the portal gives access to many unwanted videos as well, parental control helps those parents to keep such content away and acknowledge the time and content their kids are watching. Further, the PIN can be used to lock the device as well.


One more feature of Amazon Firestick as it helps you to keep a check on the data being used via Firestick by enabling the Data Monitoring Feature. Moreover, the user can enable an alert whenever the data reaches the maximum limit.


As Amazon Firestick comes with a remote, there are multiple features of that remote. Among many features of Amazon Firestick, the Voice search feature is the prominent one. It acts on the spot and allows users to search through voice content. Amazon has a built-in Alexa Voice feature in the Amazon Firestick to ease the users.


The Amazon Firestick gets attached to the blue tooth where its battery is highly maintained and runs for longer. Its ability to connect headphones and speakers is also much liked by the users.  It has amazing features of going compatible with different multiple platforms which provide services of video streaming.


The last feature of Amazon Firestick is, It has a built-in Amazon app store which has a huge amount of apps to get installed in Amazon Firestick which brings more benefits to users who like to use Amazon Firestick for streaming.


By trying, testing, and analyzing all the benefits and features of Amazon Firestick, we have come to the conclusion that it actually works as it is supposed to and never compromises or disappoints the users. Even if for some reason, the app isn’t compatible, Amazon Firestick still owns the features to accept and run such applications and programs onto it by other alternative means. Further, this is just a glimpse of the features of Amazon Firestick, there is a lot more when being used. We hope that this article has helped you with a thorough understanding of the Amazon Firestick as well as the residing features it offers to its users.

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