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How to Use FireStick to Watch Movies on Cyberflix?

FireStick to Watch Movies

Last Updated on September 2, 2022 by kavin

One of the best FireStick apps for watching movies and TV shows on demand is CyberFlix TV.

To deliver high-quality streams, CyberFlix TV supports dozens of sources and resolvers. There is a huge selection of your favorite shows and movies in the content library.

The fact that CyberFlix TV supports Real-Debrid integration is even more impressive. You can access a tonne of fresh, high-quality streams by simply logging into your Real-Debrid account in the app’s Settings. is also supported by Cyberflix. Trakt allows you to sync your watchlist across platforms and devices.

Prep Phase

Let’s look at what you need in order for Cyberflix to function on your Fire Stick before you start. First and foremost, we advise that you sign up for a reliable VPN (virtual private network) service like NordVPN. The app you are about to use is essentially illegal because it is piracy, so it’s not exactly legal. The best way to remain anonymous on your Fire Stick is to enable a VPN.

Connect your Fire Stick to your TV at this point. You must then allow apps from unknown sources. Take these actions:

  1. Select Settings from the Fire Stick Home screen.
  2. Developer Options should then be selected after Device.
  3. Make sure to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources option when you find it.
  4. Verify Turn On in the pop-up window.

Okay, you are now prepared to begin installing the Cyberflix APK. You must first download the Downloader app because it is not available on the App Store.

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Best way to set up Cyberflix on a Fire Stick

You can download Cyberflix Apk on your Fire Stick once the preparation phase has been successfully completed. After completing this step, you’ll be able to use your Fire Stick to watch movies. That will also have a guide, but for the time being, let’s concentrate on the installation.

To set up Cyberflix on the Fire Stick, adhere to these steps:

  1. Use the native search feature to look for Downloader on the Fire Stick’s home screen.
  2. When you locate this app, click the Download button next to its icon.
  3. The app should soon install. After installation is complete, open it.
  4. Search for this website using the Downloader app:, then select Download. Use this link instead if the first one doesn’t work:
  5. Since the file is only 17 MB, downloading should be quick. Select Install once it’s finished.
  6. Go back to your Fire Stick Home page after installation. To view a list of every app, choose the See All option.
  7. Open the Cyberflix app by finding it.

On your Fire Stick, install the MX Video Player

You are almost ready to use Cyberflix to stream movies to your Fire Stick. The best option is MX Player, but you’ll also need a suitable video player. To download this player, you will once more use the Downloader app:

  • On your Fire Stick, launch the Downloader app.
  • Press Go after entering the search term Stick/.
  • Get the MX Player APK now.
  • Activate MX Player. obey the directions displayed on the screen.

You can now use the Cyberflix app to watch movies on your Fire Stick.

How to Use Cyberflix to Watch Movies

Watching movies will be a piece of cake once you’ve finished all the preparations and prior steps. How to use Cyberflix on your Fire Stick is as follows:

  1. Ensure that the Fire Stick is plugged into the TV. On the Fire Stick remote, press the Home button.
  2. Cyberflix may be chosen under Apps.
  3. Select the preferred default video player. Select MX Player, then click Accept to confirm.
  4. Choose Movies, then search for the film you want to watch. Movies can be sorted using a variety of criteria, including Most Popular, Trending, Most Watched, etc. Use the search feature to look up a specific movie if you have one in mind and know its name.
  5. Choose and open your movie after you’ve located it. To start watching the movie, select Play.

Cyberflix will locate online links for your film. When a link doesn’t work, try the next one until you find a video of high quality. For the best experience, we suggest watching movies in high definition. But you’ll need a strong broadband connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbit/sec.


All right, guys! There were many steps and downloads, so it wasn’t simple. However, you can now watch some excellent movies for free on your Fire Stick. All Amazon Fire products, including Fire TV, will function using this technique.

Because Cyberflix is not exactly legal in the United States, be sure to use a VPN like NordVPN.

Frequently asked questions

Can I trust CyberFlixTV?

The CyberFlix app may not be available on the Google Play Store, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is unsafe to use. This app cannot be listed on Play Store or any other app store like Plusdede APK due to its streaming and downloading capabilities. As a result, whenever a new version of this app is released, you will need to search for the CyberFlix.APK file.

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