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If you want to limit your children screen time, then use Spotty Time

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by kavin

If you are looking at how to limit screen time for yourself OR how to limit screen time for child OR how to limit screen time on android, then you are in the right place.

Limit screen usage time and become focused on your daily routines. This is the wish of almost all of us. Spotty Time an android app recently developed allows you to limit the time that you and or your children spend online on your phone.

Manage your screen time for yourself and your children with a preset time option on a daily or weekly basis, which will make you more affiliated with your family and dear ones by having more time with them.

Spotty Time is a screen management time app that can be rewarded for your time which you spent offline. You can set your online time Limit by setting customized blocks of time – up to three hours at a time. It shut off all apps other than phone calls.

This system of on-screen time management can be recurring onward on weekly basis or it can be continued.
You can get coins for completed sessions set on the app and those coins can be used for purchases on in-app rewards.

Spotty Time is designed by the experts for controlling your device for optimum usage of your time.

How does it work?

1. You can set screen time limits on a daily basis.
2. You can add a time limit on the app up to three hours.
3. There are preset blocks that can be used as quick locks.
4. Spotty Time will block all your access to functions during those time frames.
5. You can earn coins for not using your phone.

Features of  Spotty Time

– You can set time limits for your phone/device usage
– You can block certain apps and limit the usage of  phone
– Time limits are irreversible

– Resetting of the device cannot reset the block apps and usage time
– You can set screen time blocks for specific time frames
– you can set time frames for the whole week
– You can set quick screen blocks up to three hours

– Using this app you can spend more time with family
– This app can improve your self-control
– you can Block addictive apps

In nutshell, Spotty Time is one of the best free apps to limit screen time.


This app is equally good for children and adults. You can control the time of your children as well as yourself.

benefits of limiting screen time

There are numerous benefits of limiting the screen time of your kids and yourself. Following are the ones which is recommended and observed by the experts.

Enhanced relationships: By decreasing screen time, the relationships will get more time which will make them more strong and more bonding.

  • Improved physical health: Good health needs exercise and physical activities after healthy eating. If you have no time due to your increased hours of screen time and extra usage of devices then your health may be affected. By using Spotty time you can manage your time of device usage and can have more time for yourself and for your health.
  • Decreased obesity: What will you do if you have limited screen time. of course, you will move and you will try some other activities which will make you smarter and will reduce your obesity.
  • Increased time to try new activities: If you and your children limit your screen time then you can try new activities specifically those which involves physical moment and thus will make a good impact on your health.
  • Improved mood: By limiting screen time you will feel better in your mood. Your children will be fresher if they use devices for less time.
  • Enhanced relationships: By decreasing screen time, the relationships will get more time which will make them more strong and more bonding.

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