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Best printer for small business

Last Updated on January 29, 2021 by kavin

Best printer for small business:

The start-up and small business is now a part of daily for the young generation. The Era in which we are moving in the era of technology. Even students taking the start of their small business. We have seen many hashtags and slogans about small business as it is a trend to work digitally and smartly. We also have young entrepreneurs and we also support small businesses. If you are here in search of the best printer for small business then you are in a right place. We want our generation to grow and we research tough about the printer for your small yet growing business. We have listed the best small business printers for you.  Whatever your need is, if you want to buy the printer just for faxing, scanning or if you have a plan of single printing function, or you need some space-saving all-in-one technology then we have suggested all the available and trending devices in 2022.

How to choose the best printer for your small business?

Choosing the best printer for small businesses cannot be an easy task as the market is full of devices many of them are good and others maybe not for you.  If we talking about choosing the best product then it means the device must satisfy you. The technology will be able to grow your business worth more professionally. Following are the main points which anyone should consider while buying the best printer for a small business.

  • Consider your business requirement:

The first and the foremost important step while buying the best product is what kind of business you are doing. Many printers are made for printing, scanning, copying, and send the document via email. The size of the printer also plays a vital role as many small businesses are done in a small place. The printers sometimes take too much space. Another important factor is what kind of printer do you do daily i.e. black and white or clour printing and how much do you print. Consider these requirements for your small business in terms of prices and area.

  • Black and white or color printing
    This can define the nature of your business find the nature of your business where your day to day printing is color printing or you print the data in black and white? This step will let you know that the laser printers are really good and cheap for black and white printers rather than inkjet printers.
  • Single function printer or printer for multi-purposes:
    the printers now can do a lot for your business. The single device facilitates the printing, copying, scanning, faxing, or even sending of documents. All can be done with one device. But what if don’t want to play with other features. Your business just demands to print.
  • Pages Per Month
    All the devices are made for some specific task with some specific amount of production. Now consider how many pages do you require in a month if you want to print more than the capacity of the printer allowed. You have to face the breakdown more often. Like if you want to print 2000 pages in a month then you should consider the device able to print 5000 pages in a month.
  • Cost of ink
    the most important factor to consider because most of the cheapest printers require a larger amount of ink and that will bother you with your daily charges. Well! If we consider the laser printer the device uses less ink cartridge and prints more. The inkjet color printers cost high. Almost all the devices come with the price-per-page and you have a knowledge of your printing duty cycle like how much papers you print monthly just consider them both then choose wisely.
  • Print speed
    The print speed is another factor one should consider before buying the best printer for small business. The device must have the ability to deliver the work on time. Consider the printer which prints fast is also important if the same unit is used by the whole network. Laser printers print fast than inkjet printers.
  • Cost of replacements of parts:
    the ink print price is not only your unit’s demands but other parts of the printers required to change often. Remember the consumables before buying the product because sometimes print heads and drums can cost higher than the replacement of the whole unit. The higher duty printers consume more amounts.
  • Connectivity: Almost all the printers came with wireless connectivity. The mobile is now a handy device through which we work almost everywhere. The connection of the device with your phone or tablet makes your daily operation easy and if you have a different user the option facilitates you with this also.
Canon Maxify MB5420 AN auto-duplexer for two-side Printing.
Multi-function inkjet printer.
50 sheet automatic document feeder.
High Duty cycle.
Wireless printer.
low Running cost.
Hp Laserjet Pro M426fdwFit for small space.
Automatic duplex printing.
The printer has a high resolution.
Hp Officejet 25The Hp printer handles both print and scan features.
The weight of the unit is very low.
The hp Officejet 250 has a touch screen so you can handle the device easily.
It can connect with a PC that supports windows 10.

Canon Maxify MB5420 (Best all-in-one printer for small business):

Best printer for small business

The Canon Maxify MB5420 has come with 4 in the feature. It means the device allows copy, print, scan, and fax. The device empress most of the small business viewers as it has all the capabilities which anyone can consider while they are buying the best all-in-one printer for small business.

The unit has a great resolution with an effective ink cartridge. The color accuracy is also great. Printing speed is very good. The device can print 24 pages per minute for monochrome and 15.5 papers per minute which makes the Canon Maxify more desirable. The device also supported two-sided automatic printing and the paper tray of the printer holds up to 500 sheets which is more than great. 

The printer supports connectivity with Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi direct services like Google cloud printing, Air printing and also supports Ethernet connection. For businesses interested in more oversight, there are also settings restrictions to prevent tampering, and a record of use to see how the printer is being used.

The Device, however, has all the quality which the Best all-in-one printer should have but if you are interested in laser printers then consider them just check the list we have made for you.

  • Features:
  • AN auto-duplexer for two-side Printing.
  • Multi-function inkjet printer.
  • 50 sheet automatic document feeder.
  • High Duty cycle.
  • Wireless printer.
  • low Running cost.
  • Pros:
  • The output quality is good across the board. The paper capacity standard is high.
  • Supports heavy-duty Printing.
  • Can print from USB thumb Device.

Average Print speed.
Doesn’t have Wi-Fi direct.

HP Laserjet Pro M426fdw (Best laser printer for small business):

This HP Laserjet printer model can be considered small but a heavy-duty device for personal home use or small business. The device came into the most desirable MFP printer as it can do fast printer, good paper handling even allows mobile and cloud printing services.  The Hp laserjet can print, scan, fax, and copy and able to send an email directly to the clients without even sending the document to PC. IT can print from and scan by USB memory key.

The printer has a 250 sheet holder, 100 multipurpose sheet trays,s, and an automatic duplex standard. The device can be said as the best laser printer for small business. If you consider its scanning the device came with a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF). Because it can scan both legal-size pages or duplex scanning. Just scan the single side and turn around the page for duplex scanning. You can scan duplex with faxing too. The printer allows wireless connectivity do you can print from or scan to your mobile or tablet by using Wi-Fi. The extra services are also offered like cloud printing etc. \you can connect it directly to Ethernet. The NFC logo is also given at the right top of the printer to connect directly with the mobile or tablet. 

The device can print 40 pages per minute and give quality output. The setup is easy and standard. Its text quality is at the low end of the range that includes the vast majority of monochrome lasers, but that still makes it good enough to print highly readable text at 8-point size or smaller on our tests.

  • Features:
  • Fit for small space.
  • Automatic duplex printing.
  • The printer has a high resolution.
  • Pros:
  • Cloud mobile printing services.
  • fastest print speed.
  • Connectivity options like Wi-Fi, NFC, and Ethernet.
  • Cons:
  • Text quality is at the low end of the range for monochrome laser printers.
  • A little heavy.

HP Officejet 250 All-in-one printer (Best hp Printer for small business):

Best printer for small business

As we all know that hp is the first-ever company that invented a printer back in 1984 called laserjet. The printer trend is nowadays is at its peak. So, whenever anyone wants to buy a printer they must consider Hp Company. So, if you are searching best hp printer for your small business then, this device can be the best hp printer for small business.

The all-ion-one printer can scan, copy, and print. The compact design has a powerful strength. The device weight is so light so you also travel with your portable hp Officejet 250. The printer can provide you with a better quality output than inkjet printers that why the unit earns Editor’s choice also.

The design is portable and it became larger when you open the closed cover.  The rear paper feeder and automatic document feeder when extended the device occupy a little more space.  The weight of the unit is 6.5 pounds. The device contains a rear paper feeder that holds up to 50 letter-width sheets. Well, the automatic duplex is not supported but you can do it manually. The device supports 300 pages per month duty cycle. You can also see the touch screen on the left side of the automatic document feeder.

It also supports Wi-Fi direct connectivity, USB and Wi-Fi, or peer-to-peer with mobile or desktop. The device is also compatible with iOs and Android both.  It can Print 10 paper per minute Text-only files and 4.6ppm for PDF, Powerpoint, or Excel files. The output quality is average for text-only but the graphic and photos out is incredibly great. The device is well at handling gradients and zones of similar clour. The printing cost of the device is 6 cents per black page and 15.6 cents per color page. The unit has two cartridges one for black ink and the other one for tri-color (yellow/cyan/magenta). The high-yield black cartridge is rated at up to 600 pages, while the high-yield color cartridge is rated at up to 415 pages, considerably more than the highest-capacity cartridges offered by Canon and Epson. You shouldn’t have to change cartridges all that frequently, which is a real strength in a mobile printer.


  • The Hp printer handles both print and scan features.
  • The weight of the unit is very low.
  • The hp Officejet 250 has a touch screen so you can handle the device easily.
  • It can connect with a PC that supports windows 10.
  • Pros:
  • The device is portable.
  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • 50 sheets input tray.
  • Output quality worthy of a desktop inkjet.
  • Fast photo printing.
  • 10 sheet automatic document feeder.
  • High claimed page yields for print cartridges.

heavier than some laptops. USB cable is not available.


Printers are an important part of the small business at the above article will let you know each and almost every detail of the best printers for small business. if you are looking for compact and compatible in price printers then you can have hp Officejet printer. The other printers have also different features. Choose the best quality product according to your need and the duty cycle of the printer. Use a capable enough printer which can cope with your daily business demands. Many of the small businessmen think that their typical home use printer can give them the satisfaction of the office printer but this is where they met with problems because if the printer has a low duty cycle then you may stick the replacement of the parts issue. Make sure the device can help you to grow your business.

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