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You can be hacked if your password is________??

Last Updated on November 20, 2020 by kavin

123456′ was the most normally used password in 2022 and has been hacked 23 million times, a yearly report by password director NordPass has uncovered. The password has reportedly been utilized by a great many individuals and takes less than a moment to break. The list uncovers the 200 most exceedingly awful passwords of the year, subtleties how frequently they have been uncovered, utilized, and the time it would take to break them. ‘123456789’ comes in second, while ‘picture1’ takes the third spot.

In 2015, a report by a product firm had uncovered that ‘123456’ bested the rundown of most exceedingly terrible passwords that year, trailed by ‘password.’ after five years, very little has changed; ‘123456’ remains the most normally utilized secret word, the report by NordPass uncovered, and ‘password’ comes in the fourth spot.

The best twenty most normally utilized passwords of 2022, in rising positions, are: ‘123456’, ‘123456789’, ‘picture1’, ‘password’, ‘12345678’, ‘111111’, ‘123123’, ‘12345’, ‘1234567890’, ‘senha’, ‘1234567’, ‘qwerty’, ‘abc123’, ‘Million2’, ‘000000’, ‘1234’, ‘iloveyou’, ‘aaron431’, ‘password1’, and ‘qqww1122’. The greater part of these take not exactly one moment to break, according to the report.

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