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Apple watch helped a captured lady in USA

Apple watch

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by kavin

An Apple Watch helped the police track down a kidnapped lady in the US. Police in Selma, Texas had the option to allegedly utilize the emergency SOS include on Apple Watch to find a kidnapped lady and save her. The Apple Watch offered exact area information of the person in question, on account of which the police had the option to race to her. This isn’t the first run through the Apple Watch has been accounted for to have saved a life. A couple of months before, the Apple Watch’s heart observing element helped a 25-year-old in identifying inconsistency in his pulse and possibly saving his life.

Fox San Antonio reports that a lady in Selma, Texas called her daughter through her Apple Watch requesting help and clarifying the circumstance. The call got disconnected mid-way and officers at that point utilized a crisis cell ping to follow the lady’s cell phone. The report says that the Apple Watch indicated the casualty’s definite area on East Sonterra Blvd at the Hyatt Place Hotel. The police found the lady in a vehicle in the parking garage.” The kidnapper, a man named Adalberto Longoria, fled the scene at that point, however was later captured and charged with aggravated Kidnapping.

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