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What You Need to Know About Child Proof Packaging 

Last Updated on September 15, 2022 by kavin

Protection of children from accidental poisoning is every individual’s responsibility-from parents to brands and packaging specialists.  

Packaging is the last defense line in keeping children away from potentially harmful products. According to the World Health Organization (WHO): 

“One of the best accomplishments in minimizing unintentional child poisonings is using child proof packaging (CR).” 

But do you understand what child-resistant packaging is? Don’t fret! This article will provide you with a complete guide about child-proof packaging.  

Let’s explore! 

What Is Child Proof Packaging? 

Child-resistant packaging is made to be highly challenging for kids under five to open or get their hands on a dangerous amount of the contents within a reasonable amount of time. The packaging is designed with a closure that is challenging for children to understand but simple enough for adults to open.  

Child Proof Packaging In Different Industries 

According to CPSC, there are a lot of products in the market that requires child-resistant packaging. The list of products is endless; we have included some of the common industries using this packaging to assure kids’ safety and prevent products from environmental influences.  

Here are the following: 

  1. Cannabis 

Cannabis products are still prohibited by federal law. The federal government only mandates the usual labeling for all foods, beverages, and supplements regarding packaging restrictions for cannabis products. 

Child proof cannabis packaging is trendy in the CBD industry, where people demand strict child-resistant and tamper-proof packaging. A lot of cannabis products require this protective packaging to assure child safety.  

We recommend you visit the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations for a complete list of products that require CR packaging. Child proof Marijuana packaging is also recommended because of its safety features and better customer experience.  

  • Nutraceuticals  

Many vitamins and dietary supplements also require child proof packaging. For instance, supplements that contain iron require this protective packaging. Because iron is toxic in high doses, particularly to children, supplements containing enough iron must be sold in child-resistant boxes.  

  • Pharmaceutical 

Pharmaceutical products that comprise specific amounts of the following ingredients require child proof packaging

  • Acetaminophen 
  • Ibuprofen 
  • Naproxen  
  • Elemental iron 
  • Aspirin  

Apart from this, many other drugs are required for child-resistant boxes.  

Types Of Child-Resistant Packaging 

One of the best features of this packaging is kid’s protection, but there is another critical factor that can’t be ignored affordability. Due to its reasonable prices, childproof packaging wholesale is trendy among different industries.  

Here is a look at some familiar types of CR packaging: 

  1. Blister Packaging 

One of the essential categories of child-proof packaging is blister packs. They can be observed in medical cabinets and on store shelves. 

Blister packs can deter children from accessing harmful products by manufacturing suitable packaging material. They can also add the convenience of dividing the product into single dosages.  

Some packaging suppliers also offer highly resistant cardboard packaging solutions as an extra layer of protection for products using blister packs. In contrast, the blister packs have notches that hook into the carton.  

  • Zip Lock Pouches 

Zip lock pouches are the emerging star in child proof packaging sector. They are sealed with a zip-lock closure with a slider that protects your products and supplements from environmental influences like humidity, temperature, and oxygen. They are also termed flexible packaging and play a crucial role in improving child safety.  

  • Child-Resistant Safety Caps 

Because of the alarmingly high number of kids exposed to prescription and OTC drugs, child-resistant packaging is needed to ensure children’s safety to the utmost level.  

Henri J. Breault, a Canadian physician, is credited with creating the child safety caps we have all grown accustomed to opening. Consumers frequently come upon the push-down-and-turn design. 

Child safety caps were the primary option for child-resistant packaging for many years. But as time has passed, so too have the packaging options available. Although vials and bottles work best with child-resistant closures, there are various ways to package medicine. 

Essential Components Of Child Proof Packaging 

As we have discussed, child-resistant packaging is quite popular in various industries. For instance, cannabis products, particularly those edibles that mimic the candies, require child proof candy packaging as these products are beautiful to children.  

There are essential components that need to be considered while designing the CR packaging. Here are a few components: 

Opening Mechanism 

In some jurisdictions, the packaging housing the cannabis product must be opaque (not see-through) to comply with regulations and rules, making it impossible for a casual observer to determine what is inside or how much is remaining. Some packaging suppliers also offer highly resistant cardboard packaging solutions as an extra layer of protection for products using blister packs. In contrast, the blister packs have notches that hook into the carton. The purchase can be kept secret after leaving the dispensary or when used later, thanks to opaque packaging solutions. 


There should be imprinting of potentially harmful products and warning labels on the packaging to ensure that consumers are aware of the risks and can prevent themselves and their children from harm.  

Pharmaceuticals, cannabis, and other medicinal products have strict, explicit, and ever-changing labeling requirements. Depending upon the product, the label must contain information such as dosages, expiry date, and usage method.  

Find A Child Proof Packaging Partner 

As you launch your items, collaborating with a child proof packaging supplier who provides approved child-resistant packaging choices can give you peace of mind. At Half Price Packaging, we provide child-resistant pouches with press-to-close zippers that have passed federal test requirements. 

Our child proof packaging is highly secure and durable and comes with a technical opening and closing mechanism.  Get in touch with us immediately, and one of our flexible packaging experts will guide you through your package creation. 

Wrapping Things Up! 

Due to the emergence of child poisoning, child proof packaging with its sealable closures and structural integrity assure children’s safety. Various industries like cannabis, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals utilize this custom packaging due to its benefits. CR packaging comes in enormous forms like zip lock pouches, safety caps, and blisters. The opening mechanism and labeling of this packaging make it popular among people.  

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