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Lenovo Yoga Vs Lenovo Flex

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by kavin

In this article, we will compare the Lenovo yoga vs Lenovo flex in terms of performance, quality, screen, battery, and temperature when getting the workload. These days the comparison between Lenovo yoga and Lenovo flex is a great topic of debate. Some support the Lenovo yoga while others love to go for the Lenovo flex. However, Lenovo is serving everyone according to their choice. Lenovo flex and Lenovo yoga are the two amazing series of this brand loved by everyone. There are different laptops including in the flex series like Lenovo flex 14 Costco, Lenovo flex 7, or Lenovo flex 14 ryzen 5, etc.

One has got so much fame due to the incredible features available at an affordable rate and the other has a solid performance. However, this is the summarize comparison in one line you definitely want a detailed review right? No worries we are here to give a detailed comparison of Lenovo Yoga Vs Lenovo Flex.

Quick Review

Lenovo YogaLenovo Flex
Intel Core i5-Intel Core i7 (6th generation)Intel Core i5-Intel Core i7 (10th generation)
Windows 10Windows 10
Storage (SSD)
13.9 inch screen FHD14.0- 15.6 inch screen FHD
Graphic Processor
Intel 620- Intel 520UHD (1600-2400MHZ)Intel 620 UHD & 1600-2400MHZ

Now let’s move towards the detailed comparison between these series which will surely help you to get the right one between Lenovo yoga vs Lenovo flex.



The processor is the main part of the laptop on which all the functions depend and the application runs only if the processor supports it. Similarly, if you need a laptop to run some heavy games or looking for a device to complete the daily tasks by installing some office applications the feature which you need to consider the most is the processor. This is the part that helps the apps run fast and makes the software to run smoothly. When it comes to the comparison of both Lenovo yoga vs Lenovo flex, both have different processors. However, both the models work efficiently and support many software or apps on the go. Furthermore, the processors of both devices have high speed and incredible performance. Well, there are differences in both in terms of versions.

The Lenovo flex series laptops come with the processor intel core i5 or i7 which helps the users to perform all the heavy-duty works on the go without any hanging issues. Moreover, the devices which fall under the Lenovo flex series come with the 8th or 10th generations which makes them super fast. However, due to the high-end performance, the Lenovo flex series is loved by gamers mainly.

On the other side, the Lenovo yoga series have processor intel i5 and i7 which is good to complete all the basic tasks on the go. Furthermore, the laptop comes with the 6th or 8 generation version which is quite good. They have enough capacity to handle the workloads efficiently. However, if you want us to choose the winner in terms of the processor then we’ll go for the Lenovo flex due to the high-end processor and excellent power.

Operating System

The operating system is the second most important feature of the laptop which plays a role in controlling all the functions as well as maintaining them in the best way. The higher the operating system more efficient will be working and vice versa. Moreover, the operating system helps the processor to perform all the high-end tasks smoothly. This is why not only having a high-end processor is necessary but also a good operating system plays a role in running any heavy applications or games. Both the series are equipped with a high-end operating system and are mainly created to tackle heavy-duty tasks on the go. Lenovo flex and Lenovo yoga containing a fast operating system that helps to fulfill all the tasks and supports multitasking as well. However, both the series have excellent access to transfer the data on the go.

The Lenovo flex comes with the windows 10 operating system which helps you to order the processor and get the output fastest with the speed of light. Furthermore, this operating system is best to perform some complex tasks without any hanging issues. Similarly, the Lenovo yoga contains a windows 10 operating system which surely helps the users to perform the fastest coding and complete all the tasks on the go. Both the series are superb to share the systems or access any software.

However, both are equally good in terms of the operating system so you can choose according to the processor you like otherwise the OS of both series are superb.

Storage Space

Storage is another essential feature to look at while buying a laptop or during comparing any devices. Having a high store laptop will save you from buying an external device or another hassle. Due to this hardware, you will be able to play the games without snag only if the storage is high. Similarly, good storage will also support the upgrading and updates of the software or games. When it comes to the comparison of Lenovo flex and Lenovo yoga storage you will see the huge differences between them.

Mostly the flex models come with a storage space of 64-512GB SSD which will helps to save all your documents and photos on the go. Due to the high-end storage space, you will be easily running all the software smoothly yet fastly. Moreover, the SSD storage available in the flex series is upgradable as well which is a plus point for sure. H

However, in terms of storage yoga wins the race by having 256GB-1TB of storage space. This will helps the users to enjoy sharing files, apps, or running any software smoothly. Furthermore, it offers excellent accessing ability in comparison with the flex models. Yoga models have good storage to run all the heavy apps at the speed of light.


The next important component of a laptop is RAM. This is the feature that holds the data storage space temporarily to access the memory. With the good RAM, you will be able to run the apps and software without lag or slowing down issues. Moreover, high RAM will also support the upgrades of the apps. Both the Lenovo flex and Lenovo yoga have different RAMS in terms of weight.

The flex models come with 16GB RAM which creates ease for the user to download music or any software or files on the go. However, the actual difference is the DDR4 memory technology which helps you to run the files even at low voltage. Moreover, due to this feature, you will have good gaming feels while playing your favorite games.

Furthermore, the Lenovo yoga models contain 16GB which is good to store videos, pictures, or any other files. However, the difference is of DDR3 memory technology which increases the clock speed as well.

In terms of RAM flex got the victory due to a high speed and excellent data transferability as compared to the Yoga models.


The display definitely counts because you will have direct interaction with this part of the laptop. However, an excellent picture will give you a better experience whether you are using the laptop for gaming or any other purpose. Mostly the laptops come with excellent text appearances, amazing color, and high video quality which will give a better experience to the users. However, when it comes to the display of Lenovo flex and Lenovo yoga there is a difference.

Lenovo flex comes with a screen size of 14 to 15.6 inch which gives you bigger texts and amazing video feels. Furthermore, due to the large screen, you will enjoy gaming and perform all the tasks without squeezing the eyes. Moreover, the flex series contains HD picture quality and has a good resolution as well. Furthermore, due to a big screen, you will be able to see the texts even from a distance.

However, the Lenovo yoga has a 13.9-inch screen size which is a good space. The screen has an HD display and crisp image resolution as well.

When it comes to choosing the one from both then definitely flex wins the race due to the large screen and amazing display.

Graphic Processor

A graphic processor is a necessary one that mainly manipulates the memory that eventually leads to a speed up performance and delivers an excellent gaming experience as well. Those who want to enjoy fast browsing or gaming always look for this feature. However, the Lenovo flex and Lenovo yoga show variation in this feature.

The Lenovo yoga comes with the Intel 620-520 graphic processor which helps the users to see the ultra HD pictures on the go. Moreover, with this processor, you will be able to have HD and 3D motion. Moreover, these series have 1600 to 2400MHZ speed which aids in reading the data fastest.

Comparatively, the Lenovo flex has only a 620 graphic processor which delivers the 4K pictures and gives the users UHD feels. However, the speed is the same as yoga which is 1600 to 2400MHZ.

In terms of a good graphics processor, the Lenovo yoga wins the comparison already.


Lenovo brand is not good at making the keyboards and always left some space which has no use. However, the keyboard plays a role in typing or playing games. Even with a keyboard how you will give commands to the computers. A comfortable keyboard is a must if you are looking for a device for gaming purposes or to run your favorite games on the go.

The Lenovo yoga has curved keys embedded in the aluminum case so in the laptops which can convert to tablet the keys will not protrude out. Moreover, the yoga series containing a backlit keyboard which you can turn on or off as per choice. Along with the keyboard, there is a large trackpad. When you flipped the display in the devices with the tablet mode the keyboard and trackpad will switch off automatically.

The Lenovo flex series does not seem to have comfortable keyboards. The keys need to be pressed with some effort. However, the keyboard has a great layout and a separate number pad. Moreover, the keys also have the illuminating feature. But these kinds of keyboards are not really suitable for those who need a laptop mainly for writing purposes or to type any files. However, the clickpad is amazing and easy to use. Due to the gliding, It has a smooth appearance and delivers a great experience.

When comparing the keyboards of both laptops Lenovo yoga is the winner.


The battery is the other most important feature to keep in mind while purchasing a laptop. Especially if you are looking for a portable laptop that you can carry from one place to another for the meeting purpose then taking a charger always will be a hassle for you. Furthermore, a laptop with a high or even average battery life is always preferred.

During a battery, a test carried out at the Lenovo flex series they only run for 6 hours. However, if you run the high-end games on the laptop then the battery life will vary accordingly. Moreover, if you use the laptop for small tasks then it might run longer.

However, the Lenovo yoga series claims to have a longer battery life which runs for 10-12 hours at least and even longer if you use it for some low-end tasks.

Well Lenovo yoga wins the race in terms of battery life


Both models are no doubt outstanding and equipped with some amazing features. Few models from the flex series overtake the yoga in terms of processor, operating system, and other features. Similarly at some points, the yoga models are leading as compared to the flex. This shows that both the series have both strong as well as weak features. However if we talk in terms of processor and affordability then flex is the winner for sure. Choosing the best one mainly depends on your purpose for which you need a laptop and the criteria as well. We have mentioned both the good and bad features of Lenovo yoga vs Lenovo flex so you can easily choose the one that suits you perfectly.

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