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How to safely migrate data from QB without getting any errors?

QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by kavin

QuickBooks customers will receive an error notification every once in a while. It says that there was an unexpected failure with the QuickBooks migration. This problem often happens if an attempt is made to migrate QuickBooks Desktop from one solid-state drive (SSD) to another. This is not a significant blunder at all. On the other hand, it may result in a substantial loss of data. This article includes various solutions to the issue, as well as a discussion of some of the factors that may have contributed to its development.

The Causes of the Unanticipated Failure of the QuickBooks Desktop Migration to Take Place

In order to correct a problem, you must first determine what brought it about in the first place. This will make it possible for the user to avoid making the same mistake in the future. The following is a list of potential causes for an unexpected failure in the QuickBooks Desktop Migration.

1. The Migrator Software that you have is not functioning properly.
2. You have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 even though it is available.

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It was a last-minute decision to migrate QuickBooks Desktop.

This section offers a rundown of the various approaches that could be taken. To avoid losing any data or precious time, these procedures need to be carried out with extreme caution.

Step One: Make sure you have the most recent version of Windows.

Simply upgrading to the most recent version of Windows will fix this issue quickly and effortlessly. This article will show you how to upgrade Windows to the most recent version.

1. To get started, select the Start tab from the menu.
2. From the menu, you should select the options that you want.
3. The latest version of Windows Update is what you require right now.
4. Once you have found it, select the Windows Update option from the menu.
5. Launch QuickBooks Desktop once more and begin the process from the beginning.

If the fault persists, you can manually relocate your QuickBooks Desktop onto another SSD. Keep reading to learn more about how to achieve that goal.

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The second method involves manually moving your QuickBooks Desktop data to an SSD.

One approach to get around the QuickBooks Desktop Migration Fail Unexpectedly problem is to move your QuickBooks Desktop files by hand. Since the file can be moved by hand, the migration tool is not required to make use of it in any way. Follow these instructions to manually move your QuickBooks Desktop data between solid-state drives (SSDs).

1. To get started, download and install the desktop version of QuickBooks on the computer to which you want to move your existing QuickBooks data.
2. To generate a backup of your company file, create a backup of these steps first.
To begin, exit Single-user Mode and switch to Multi-user Mode.
3. From the QuickBooks Desktop main screen, select the File menu. Simply select the Backup Company option.
4. After that, select the option to Create a Local Backup.
5. In the first step, select Local Backup. The optimal choice is to proceed next.
6. Navigate to the section labeled “Local backup only.” Click the Browse button to navigate to the directory where you wish to save your backup files.
7. Activate the OK button.
8. Next, select Save it! option.
9. Press the Next button.
10. Make a copy of the backup file, and then restore it when you move to the new computer.
The most recent version of the tax table can be downloaded into your computer.

Solution 3: Confirm that the Program is Using the Correct Backup Directory

It’s possible that a flawed backup path is to blame when QuickBooks is unable to successfully back up the company file. It’s possible that checking the backup directory will shed some light on what’s going wrong.

1. Within QuickBooks, head to the area labeled Preferences.

2. At this point, examine the backup directory, which is the location where you intend to store your backup files.

3. Determine whether or not the path specified in the software can successfully create backup files.

Renaming the Network Data File is the fourth possible solution.

QuickBooks needs the Network Data (.ND) file in order to access the company file when it is being stored on a network. Renaming the item that was damaged. It’s possible that using an ND file will fix the problem where QuickBooks can’t back up the company file.

1. Exit the QuickBooks application and use Windows File Manager to navigate to the data file that is stored on the network.

2. You will be presented with the QuickBooks company file that has the.ND extension for the related network data file.

3. Select Rename from the drop-down menu that appears after you right-click the file.

Include.OLD at the very end of the name of the file (i.e., .ND.OLD).

Now is the time to create a backup of your QuickBooks company file in order to protect it from the dangers of data loss.

Solution 5: Carry Out the QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool.

The QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool is software that was designed by Intuit with the express purpose of resolving any problems that may arise while installing the QuickBooks desktop application. For instance, if you installed the QuickBooks Desktop application using a corrupt installer file or if the application is only partially installed, then the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool will automatically resolve these errors for you. This tool is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub application that was previously installed using solution 1.
2. Navigate to the Program Installation Issues tab, then select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the drop-down menu.
3. Once the tool has been highlighted within the application, you can run it, and the application will automatically fix the corrupted installation.
4. Attempt to back up the company file once more and see if you are able to successfully back up the company file this time.

Experiencing technical difficulties in repairing QuickBooks Backup that has failed or is not working!

This blog was a sincere and respectable effort to address the issues that led to QuickBooks being unable to back up company files. We sincerely hope that the information presented above was clear enough for you to understand its significance and that you were able to put that understanding into practice in a way that was helpful to you in successfully establishing the backup. In the event that the QB continues to have this problem and is unable to finish the backup, the best course of action is to get in touch with one of our pro-advisors.


If the problem message “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly” continues to appear after attempting the two alternatives described above, it is possible that you will need to seek expert assistance.

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