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What is Fast Fashion? Why Avoid It?

Last Updated on September 7, 2022 by kavin

Some people are obsessed with fashion. That’s why they don’t invest time in determining the standard and type of garments and only go for the design or attractiveness of their dress. If you’re one of them, you may use “fast fashion.” It’s hard to accept, but the real definition of fast fashion doesn’t directly consider sustainability or ethics. The term “fast fashion” was introduced by the New York Times in the 1990s. The intention was to present the direction Zara could follow to take clothes from design to stores in under 15 days.

Don’t think it’s always a good idea to create garments quickly. The extra quick process causes stress on workers. They can’t work well as they have to do a lot of work in less time. That causes the production of lower-quality products. Fast fashion is known as an umbrella term that means “production of clothes in mass while not respecting what planet and the people living on it think.” Fast fashion offers low prices to make your lives easier but, on the other hand, causes many problems.

Why Is Fast Fashion So Bad?

You’re probably thinking, why is fast fashion so bad? Why is it created if it’s so bad? Let’s find answers to these questions.

I’ll discuss reasons based on the effects of fast fashion on your personal life and the environment. No doubt, the effect on the environment is indirectly affecting your life. So, let’s see.

Personal Reasons:

●     Financial:

You may think it’s a good idea to go for fast fashion as it’s cheap. You’re actually deceived. You make a bad deal as it doesn’t save money but makes you spend more. For example, you buy a cheap leather jacket for men. You consider faux leather instead of the real one to pay less. Your jacket will get damaged very soon as it can’t maintain its shape because it contains cheap material. You’ll discard this jacket and invest in a new one. You’ll get the satisfaction that you’re saving money, but you’re not. Instead of buying a low-quality jacket again and again, it’s better to buy one that boosts such high quality that it’s able to stay the same for many years. While buying leather garments, you must find their durability as it’s a good way to determine the quality. If you’re confused about how to find durability, check out if the jacket has real leather. There are ranks in the real leather category, but at least the quality is guaranteed in every rank.

●     Style:

Fast fashion is created to attract people who consider design more than quality. That’s a great step for companies to make huge money. People get trending designs! But after the market introduces another design, their clothes lose value. There’s nothing left except a cheap piece. You can go for fast fashion if you want to wear the garment one to two times. If you want to spend a long time with it, it’s better to search for quality. The design will not maintain its reputation, and the low quality will be painful to you.

Environmental Reasons:

  • Landfills:

Fast fashion highly contributes to landfill. When you buy low-quality clothes, you can’t wear them for a long time. When you discard them, they cause problems due to not being biodegradable. They stick around in landfills for many years. According to research, seventeen million tons of textile waste were thrown in landfills in 2018. The number is just rising. You can get rid of these problems by buying durable clothes. If the design loses its value after a short time, at least the clothes will be worth-wearing. So you’ll not have to discard them.

  • Toxic Dyes And Chemicals:

Different chemicals are used for mass production. Dyes are used for coloring, while treatments are used to bleach the material and make it soft and water-resistant. These chemicals are not basically dangerous for wearers, but the production process is harmful. Factories release wastewater directly into local waterways, introducing chemicals and dyes into the aquatic environment. Brands following fast fashion consider toxic chemicals to reduce costs. Our environment pays for their harmful actions in the form of pollution.

“Don’t think you’re affecting the environment. Your every harmful action hits you back in any form.”

How To Avoid Fast Fashion?

I’m a fashion lover and always love to wear something exciting! As I can afford high-quality garments, I enjoy the great fashion sense the whole year. However, maintaining fashion sense becomes challenging in the winter. I also have to consider protection from cold. Moreover, I can’t find cool dresses in the winter as I can in the summer. I was discussing the matter with my friend. I didn’t become much happy as leather jackets are common in the fashion market and that wasn’t any different advice. I ignored him and continued thinking about enhancing my fashion sense.

Everybody gets disturbed after knowing our Earth is getting disturbed this way. Moreover, people want to see changes. They think it’s not simple, but it is. If everybody changes themselves, the Earth and its system will definitely change. If you take a step against fast fashion, you’re contributing a lot to help others avoid it.

Let’s see the simple ways to avoid fast fashion.

  • Rent Clothes:

If you’re looking for a dress just for one day, there’s no need to buy a new one. Otherwise, you’ll buy a low-quality dress. You’ll throw it after a short time, affecting the environment.

  • Buying High-Quality Clothes:

If you’re looking for clothes to wear again and again, then it’s an awesome choice to buy high-quality clothes; you can ignore the design. The design may not last long, but the quality will make your life easier as you’ll be able to wear your dress again and again. For example, you buy a high-quality black leather jacket. It’ll support you in many coming winters. Even some black jackets are also wearable in summer, but the leather should be real.

Don’t think about where to buy a leather jacket. I’ve found the perfect brand for you: Leatheriza Affinity. It offers real leather and amazing designs, as the brand can’t compromise on its quality in any way.

So, that was all about “fast fashion.” You’ve learned many things in a single article. I hope it’ll help you maintain your style the best way possible. Moreover, you’ll be loving and caring to your homeland.

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