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“The Ancient Masonic Saying: Unveiling the Correct Formulation of ‘We Meet Upon the Level and We Part Upon the Square'”

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The Ancient Masonic Saying: Unveiling the Correct Formulation of ‘We Meet Upon the Level and We Part Upon the Square’

Key Takeaways

1. Understanding the significance of the Ancient Masonic Saying

2. Exploring the correct formulation of “We Meet Upon the Level and We Part Upon the Square”

3. Unveiling the symbolism behind the saying

4. Analyzing the practical application of the saying in Freemasonry

5. Reflecting on the enduring relevance of the Ancient Masonic Saying

The Ancient Masonic Saying: Unveiling the Correct Formulation of ‘We Meet Upon the Level and We Part Upon the Square’

Freemasonry, a renowned fraternal organization, has a rich tradition of teaching through symbolism and allegory. Within its vast teachings, an Ancient Masonic Saying holds profound significance: “We Meet Upon the Level and We Part Upon the Square.” This saying encapsulates the fundamental principles of Freemasonry, emphasizing equality and morality. In this blog post, we will delve into the origins, correct formulation, symbolism, practical application, and enduring relevance of this ancient Masonic saying.

Origins and Evolution

The origins of the saying can be traced back to the early days of speculative Freemasonry in the 18th century. A similar phrase, “We Meet On The Level and Part upon the Square,” was found in Masonic rituals as early as 1730. It evolved over time to its current form and has become an integral part of Masonic ceremonies and teachings.

Formulation: Meeting Upon the Level

Meeting on the level refers to the impartiality and equality that Freemasonry upholds. It signifies that within the Masonic Lodge, all individuals are equal and no one holds a higher rank or privilege during their Masonic interactions. Regardless of one’s social status, wealth, or occupation, Freemasons are expected to meet as equals, fostering unity and brotherhood.

Formulation: Parting Upon the Square

The parting upon the square symbolizes ethical conduct and integrity. Freemasons are encouraged to adhere to high moral standards both within their Lodge and in their daily lives. Just as the square is a tool used by stonemasons to ensure precise angles and perfect proportions, it also serves as a metaphor for justice, fairness, and righteousness. When Freemasons part upon the square, they reaffirm their commitment to leading upright lives outside the Lodge.

The Symbolism of the Saying

The Ancient Masonic Saying holds deep symbolism reflecting the principles and values Freemasonry stands for:

Equality and Unity

The level in Freemasonry signifies the principle of equality. It signifies that regardless of external differences, every Freemason is considered equal within the Lodge. This symbolism fosters unity and encourages individuals to put aside personal biases and prejudices, promoting a harmonious environment where all can work together towards a common goal.

Moral Integrity

The square, a symbol of morality, represents the right angles and ethical conduct. It reminds Freemasons to lead righteous lives and maintain high moral standards. The parting upon the square serves as a constant reminder to act justly and honestly, both within and outside the Lodge.

Brotherhood and Fraternity

The saying highlights the importance of brotherhood and fraternity among Freemasons. By meeting on the level and parting upon the square, Freemasons are bound by shared values, mutual respect, and support. It reinforces the idea that every Freemason is a brother, and together, they form a worldwide fraternity.

Practical Application in Freemasonry

The Ancient Masonic Saying extends beyond symbolism and holds practical significance within Freemasonry:

Harmony Within the Lodge

By meeting upon the level, Freemasons create an egalitarian atmosphere within the Lodge, ensuring that all members have an equal say and opportunity to contribute. This fosters collaborative work and a sense of belonging, strengthening the bond among Freemasons.

Moral Guidance and Development

Parting upon the square reminds Freemasons to apply the moral lessons learned within the Lodge to their daily lives. By constantly reflecting on their actions and conduct, Freemasons strive to become better individuals, making positive contributions to their families, communities, and society as a whole.

Continued Learning and Reflection

The Ancient Masonic Saying encourages Freemasons to continuously

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