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How To Transfer Data From Windows To Mac

Last Updated on June 28, 2020 by kavin

How To Transfer Data From Windows To Mac:

We know it isn’t easy to transfer data from Windows to MAC. But that does not mean you’ve to delete all your old files or leave it in the old PC. One can still have their old data that you’ve saved for years.

However, you can’t transfer the files from Windows to MAC directly due to changes in system settings and OS. However, still, there are so many ways to transfer the data and records from Windows to MAC virtually.

In this article, we’ll discuss the migration assistant of Apple and all other steps that aid in transferring the important stuff from Windows OS to MAC. However, the process is time-consuming and needs some effort but not impossible. All you need to do is to stay patient and work a little more to get the goal.

Ways To Transfer Data From Windows To Mac:

Following are the ways that aid in moving the data from PC to MAC with ease:

  • One can use an apple migration assistant in Lion X OS or the device that came later.
  • You can utilize the PC data transfer service directly from the Apple store or the specialists.
  • It requires a portable hard drive and storage device for the whole process.
  • The CD or DVD burner usage could be helpful.
  • You could go for other portable media that aids in transferring the data.
  • Utilizes the shared file serve or email and Ethernet connection directly.
  • If possible, install the PC hard drive in MAC.

From all the above ways, we’ve found the migration process hassle-free as compared to others. It is more efficient, so we’d suggest you go for this.

Apple Migration Assistant

Apple has already built a feature of migration assistant with the purpose to transfer data from MAC to Windows or from MAC to MAC. The migration assistant contains all the new features that aid in the movement of data from one OS to another.

The migration assistant can’t run on the older version of MAC and not able to transfer data to less than Windows 7 OS. The OS X Lion comes with the migration assistant facility to move files from the old device quickly.

How To Check Disk Issue?

Before moving forward, make sure that the PC does not have disk issues. Don’t know about it? Here are the easier steps to check:

  • First of clicking the start menu and then type CMD.
  • The command prompt will occur on screen open it.
  • Then type chkdsk in the command and press enter on the go.
  • In case if you think that disk uncovers the issue then check individually with the disk name. So that will be chkdsk drive: /C and press return.


Now let’s move towards the migration process that aids in transferring data from one device to other efficiently:

Windows Steps:

  • First of all, download the Windows Migration Assitant on your device and install it.
  • Make sure to close all the running applications and then start the Windows Migration Assistant.
  • You’ll get a pop-up notification of the Migration assistant window click on the continue option to proceed.

MAC Steps:

  • At your apple device, open the migration assistant that is already installed in your setup. Just find the utility folder to approach the migration assistant.
  • Please open it and then proceed towards transferring files. Select the option named “From A Windows PC” comes under the “How Do You Want To Transfer Your Data/ Information”.
  • You can get to the option mentioned above by following few steps shown on the screen when you open the migration assistant application.
  • After selecting the option, the MAC will ask for the administrator password to proceed further.
  • Then you’ll see the list of machines on the screen choose your Windows device.
  • Once you select the device, the passcode will be shown on the screen of MAC and the windows PC.
  • However, it might take some time before showing the passcode, but you’ve to wait. Right? Click to continue on both devices.
  • As soon as you click continue the MAC will start scanning of all the drives available at your PC to get the information regarding migration.
  • Select the items you want to migrate and click continue.
  • Wait for few minutes to transfer the data. However, you’ll see the progress and the time left on the screen of both machines.
  • When the migration completes closing the assistant on your PC. When you check into a new user account on MAC, it will ask to set the password. Make sure to put a strong password and authorize the MAC in iTunes.

Isn’t it so easy? Moreover, if you face any issues, no worries, we have the solution already.

Issues During The Migration Process:

Closing Applications:

One has to close the applications before starting. Some of the apps could create hassle in the process, so make sure to close them all.

  • Press the button Alt + Ctrl + Delete.
  • Open the task manager.
  • Close the running application.

Antivirus Programs:

If you find any issue in opening the migration assistant uninstall the antivirus software. Then open the migration assistant and switch to your antivirus once the transferring process completed.

Network Issue:

Make sure to connect both devices to the same network. You can join the MAC and Windows devices through Ethernet cable and use WIFI network. Disable the firewall if the PC is not showing in MAC Assistant window.

Compatibility Error:

As the migration assistant covers so many operating systems. So if you face any compatibility issues there other options available to transfer data.


In this article, we’ve discussed the procedure that aids in transferring the data from Windows to MAC. We come up with different ways to migrate the data on the go. However, using the migration assistant will be beneficial to transfer all the necessary files without any hassle.

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