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Google Meet got a new feature

Last Updated on November 22, 2020 by kavin

Google Meet has presented an element that will let members virtually lift their hand in meetings to pose inquiries or demonstrate that they need to talk. The component comes as a Raise Hand button situated on the lower part of the screen during a meeting.

If more than one member uses the element, the meeting moderator will have the option to see the lifted hands in the request that they were raised, so the inquiries can be addressed accordingly.

Meeting moderators will also have the option of bringing down a particular individual’s hand or bringing down all hands. If the moderator brings down your hand, you will get a notification.
The feature has started turning out and could take as long as about fourteen days to reach all users. Google Meet opponent Zoom has already a feature that lets users lift hands in meetings.

Google has introduced new features with its video-conferencing service in recent months. Recently, Google Meet revealed a component that lets desktop users change their background on a meeting.

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