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Desktop computers vs laptop computers

Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by kavin

Desktop computers vs laptop computers:

Computers are the most important part of our daily lives. There are two types of computers one is desktop computers and the other is laptops, notebook, or iPad. Here I am going to define laptop vs desktop.

Now a day’s people are thinking about what should they buy desktop computers and laptops. Usually, people want to buy a computer but they are confused about laptops vs desktop computers. As we all know desktops computers are the first computers ever. There is a huge difference between desktops computers vs laptops computers. Both have their features.

One should consider all the features, pros, and cons of laptops vs desktop computers. We all have an idea that people usually prefer to buy a laptop but it doesn’t mean that the demand for desktop computers starts falling. According to the survey, the sales of the laptop are higher than the desktop computers as there is also news that the gap in the unit sales per annum will be higher in future decades. 

Usually the students and the office going personnel demands laptop because of its portable feature. Desktop computers are installed in the offices which are used by the employers so they can work with unlimited data capacity.

Desktop computers

Desktop computers are computers that are designed for regular use at a single location. The desktop computers are a statistic computer that consists of many parts i.e. the central processing unit, keyboard, mouse, and a tower. At an early age, desktop computers were the only computer system available. The desktop computers allow all the facilities the laptops have.

There are too many pros and cons of laptops vs desktop computers, Because of its powerful processor, it can allow you to load heavy games. Gamers can have the best experience with desktop computers. Here, Is the best amazon desktop computer you can have a look at with all the components.

Pros of desktop computers

  1. Price: as we have the idea that there are too many components in the desktop computers so, all they offer a large range of prices but the starting point is relatively low.  The desktop computer is cheaper than laptops. The desktop computers are a powerful system and you just have to spend a few dollars. Make it fit on the desk of your home, study, or office. The specification of the laptop and the desktop computers are the same but it is a general rule that prices of the laptop are relatively high.
  2. Processor: The processer is the main component of desktop computers. The central processing unit is larger than the laptop processer and more powerful than a laptop. The central processing unit was the first-ever processer in the market.  In the recent few years, we have got new processors attached to the pc.
  3. Screen size: the larger desktop screen shows you the best quality of the display. The screen size offers you connect your computers to the tv to watch the full HD display. The screen and the whole system offer you the best viewing ship.
  4. Great for gamers: Desktop can have power video cards that require heat dissipation. The huge processor allows heat to went out. You can use more than one video card at a time. Gamers can have the best experience with desktop computers. Desktop computers allow you to fascinate with great graphics.
  5. Upgrading: in desktop computers, all the components are replicable so it is easy to upgrade desktop computers. Desktop cases are larger, providing more room inside to add and remove hardware, use tools, and organize cables.
  6. Keyboard: because of its huge design and the different components the keyboards are big and it also includes a number pad. Users can easily use the number pad. The desktop keyboard is flexible to use.

Cons of Desktop computers

  1. portability: Desktop computers are not portable. They are huge and the desktop computers have many components so you cannot take desktop from place to place. The heavyweight and the fit on the desk system make desktop computers stuck. It is not easy to travel with desktop computers.
  2. Space: desktop computers occupy a lot of space. At the time of storage, you have to find a proper space for desktop computers as it has a huge processer and the other different components. The wires take space also.
  3. Power: desktop computers use more power than laptops. As it doesn’t have any battery system. The huge processor takes a lot of power. There are too many components that consume energy. The little fluctuation in the power supply could be harmful to desktop computers. If you haven’t saved your data you can lose it.
  4. May not have a wireless connection: most of the time the desktop may not have a wireless connection. Which is the biggest disadvantage of desktop computers? 
  5. assembled the desktop computers need a keyboard, mouse, and the processing tower. Because of which the desktop computer cannot be assembled. It can only be used when the components are apart.
  6. Noisy: Desktops are noisy because of the large and high rpm fans used in them. The fans are needed for cooling and are a must. Although newer fans are designed to be less noisy, the noise level is still noticeable and very unsuited for professional audio recording areas.


The laptop is a type of computer system which is called a notebook too. Laptops are one of the most common productivity tools today. They’re portable, convenient, and powerful. The laptop usually smaller than desktop computers and has a high cost than desktop computers.

The laptop can be used for traveling purpose as it is a portable device which allows running through the battery. There is a wide range of laptops available in the market. The laptop computers are more demanding than desktop computers. The competition between laptop brands became higher day by day. Students usually demand laptops more than installed PC. 

In this era, the laptop is an important part of our daily life. As the laptop has its advantages so the modern era demands a laptop. It has a wireless connection facility that makes it more demanding. The device allows others to input other devices like mobile, tv, etc., which can be the key feature of the laptop. Here, is the link provided you can see the laptop all in one feature. The laptop has a keyboard, mouse, and processer with it. 

Pros of laptops

  1. Portability: the core and the most obvious feature of the laptop is that they are portable. A laptop is a name suggest can easily rest on one’s lap, while working.

This feature allows the mobility of your PC from one place to another. the office user can save the data at the office and back to work at home also because of its mobility. The portable device can be used for traveling purposes. But your PC in the bag and travel freely.

  • Lightweight: all components assembled in a single square box make the laptop computers lightweight. Because of the advancement of technology, the more powerful but small and light processer re available in the market. Which makes the laptop lightweight? The MacBook Pro 15-inch weighs about 4lb (1.8kg).
  • Long-life battery: the most important feature of the laptops that saves power as it allows the battery system. The long powerful battery allows you to use a laptop without even electricity. if you face a power cut but the battery feature of the laptop allows you to use the laptop without power. It saves energy. The higher battery life laptop can be used anywhere according to the need.
  • Less space: laptop is a portable and one-hand device. The laptop doesn’t occupy much space as desktop computers take. The laptop can be set up anywhere and does not need any special place.
  • Low power consumption: the laptop has lower power consumption because it mostly works on battery. Once a laptop has been powered and charged, it can operate with the battery charge for up to 6 hours. This ensures that the power is consumed at measured intervals and this makes it power-friendly.
  • Internet access: internet access is the main advantage from which the demand for the laptop increases day by day. it provides the ability to access the Internet through wireless technology Wi-Fi. Internet availability is a key feature of the laptop as it provides battery time with internet access to make the laptop more demanding.
  • Flexible: Laptops are designed to be very flexible both operational wise and also functionality wise. They can not only be used anywhere but can also be carried and moved easily from one place to another.

Cons of the laptop:

  1. Frequent upgrades: the laptop has a first drawback that one should not upgrade its system because of its assembling. All components of the computer are assembled in one frame, so you can not upgrade any single component. For instance, if you have an issue with a keyboard you can not upgrade it. Once the laptop gets open the problem arises.
  2. Higher purchase price: the laptop has a higher purchase price than desktop computers because of the advancement of technology. The MacBook and other different apple laptops make it more expensive because of its feature. The desktop computers and the laptop have almost the same features but laptop prices have relatively high.
  • Difficulty in customization: It is sometimes difficult to customize a laptop to suit an individual’s requirements. This is because of the complexities associated with the design and features of the laptop as compared to desktops.
  • Highly insecure: laptop is highly insecure because of its portability. It’s not secure to move your pc with personal data. It can be hack or theft easily. Its portability makes it insecure anyone can come or hide your device. 
  • Health issues: the laptop has a serious drawback that it can affect your health. If you are using it continuously it can harm your health. Eyesight can be the first issue into consideration. Scientists have found out that laptops can sometimes cause impotence in men if it is used for long periods. Never use the laptop on your lap. The risk is always there, it can harm your reproductive organ. It can lead to a certain type of cancer, it can cause back and neck pain. The sleeping problem can arise because of the laptop. Skin burning can also be considered in the case of the laptop.
  • Smaller size: the laptop has a smaller size and all components joint with one another. so, you cannot enjoy the full display. Laptops have very small working displays that may not be ideal for use especially by people with impaired eyesight. Desktops have a bigger display that works to their advantage.


The above are the advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers vs laptops. One should consider all the features and cons before choosing what to buy or what not to buy. If you want to purchase something with the minimum price the desktop computers are the best option but if you want to move your device from one place to another than desktop computers can not help.

Laptops have a facility of portability but, it is also insecure. if you want a computer that you can use at home, as well as on the move and at work, then you will need a laptop. The above section will give you the perfect information about laptop vs desktop performance.

If a person wants to know the complete information about laptop vs desktops the above article is for you. The laptop has too many advantages but health is the biggest disadvantage of laptops.

A Laptop vs desktop is used to sacrifice between portability and high performance.

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