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10 Best Apps for Tracking Mountain Biking Stats

Apps for mobile biking

Last Updated on September 2, 2022 by kavin

1. Strava

Strava is the most popular mountain biking app and with good reason. Strava can do a lot of things, including tracking mileage and recording routes via GPS. It also measures elevation gain and loss and tracks fitness stats such as heart rate and power output. Strava is an amazing tool for keeping track of each ride.
Strava segments allow riders to compare their speed on specific routes and ride segments. You can compare your time to your friends and foes, and if your hard work is rewarded, you could win the top 10 trophies or even a crown!
Strava can be used to find new trails using its heatmap (although TrailForks is my preferred choice). Strava doesn’t record the ride.

  • Strava is great for : Analyzing stats and measuring performance, keeping track of friends

2. Garmin Connect

Although Strava can measure many stats, such as heart rate and power output for athletes, Garmin Connect allows you to dig deeper into statistics about training. When paired with a Garmin device, such as my Garmin Fenix watch or Garmin Edge 830, this app measures everything, from VO2 Max to menstrual cycles for women, to water intake, and many other metrics. You can also record more activities, such as yoga, paddling, golf, and so on.

It can also connect to Strava to upload ride reports to TrailForks.

Personally, I find it very interesting to go back through my Garmin Connect calendar and see the number of activities I did throughout the month. This will allow me to compare how my training effect has changed …)

  • Garmin Connect is great for : Keeping training records, tracking stats, and measuring performance.

Mountain Biking Trail & Route Finding Apps

3. TrailForks

TrailForks is my favorite mountain biking app. Hands down. I have never done anything better for my phone. It has saved me from being lost, enabled me to find the best trails, and helped me discover exciting new networks.
TrailForks is a community that users create. This means that most of the information on the website and app was created by riders who have ridden the trails in the area. You can view photos, read descriptions of trails, browse comments, and view reports.
You can easily choose the best trail for you by rating them according to their difficulty. Route suggestions can be found on how to connect trails. Before downloading the best apps for finding mountain bike trails & routes you should have the best mountain bike, so here is the list of some mountain bike. Go to the webbstie.

This app is essential if your mountain bike often (or plans to mountain bike often). TrailForks is also hard at work to create trail data for other activities such as hiking, skiing, dirt biking, and many more.

  • TrailForks is great for : finding singletrack trails and discovering routes. It also allows you to read trail reviews. Mountain bikers will love this app.

4. MTB Project

Trailforks is also available offline through, an international mountain biking association online mapping partner. This one is my favorite because it allows local riders to submit current trials and information. It goes through a review before it goes live. This app is especially useful for the United States.. The app displays loops and routes more clearly than individual trails. However, it can be a bit confusing to use.
MTB Project, like TrailForks, is user-generated. Anyone can add photos, routes, and trails to the site, as well as comments. MTB Project lists only legal and approved trails, which is different from TrailForks. MTB Project will not list a trail that has not been approved by the Forest Service or BLM.
MTB Project caters more to cross-country riders than TrailForks, which I find is a disadvantage.

  • MTB Project is best for: Those who do not want to pay TrailForks

5. AllTrails

AllTrails is best known for its navigation and beta for hiking trails, but it can also be used to locate mountain bike trails. You can download the pro version of AllTrails and use it offline to find mountain bikes and hiking routes.
You can also find trail reviews, photos, and elevation gain/loss information. Although it’s not as extensive as TrailForks and MTB Project, this app is perfect for anyone who enjoys both mountain biking and hiking.

  • AllTrails is best for : Hikers and mountain bikers

6. Komoot

The Komoot mountain biking app is an up-and-coming one. Although I haven’t used it much, I believe the app is focused on user-created loops or routes. They are expanding in the US, Canada, and Europe. However, most of their content is already available in Europe.
The app can provide turn-by-turn directions when you navigate. You can also import GPX files.
You can also use their planner tool to plan your route.
Komoot also offers maps for cycling and hiking.

  • Komoot is best for : European mountain bike adventures, directions by turn by turn

The Best App for Training and Improving Fitness

7. Zwift

Zwift, a software program for bikers, is basically a video game. It is the app that makes indoor training fun. Although I don’t enjoy indoor cycling, there are times when you need to pedal hard even if it’s raining outside.
Zwift originally was designed for road cyclists. However, they recently released an off-road version that is suitable for dirt bikers. There are many offroad routes, from singletrack to gravel. Zwift’s best feature is the fact that you can ‘ride with real people, so there is competition. You can also ride solo.
To get started with Zwift you will need a biker trainer that you can use with your mountain bike. Smart trainers are great because they talk to Zwift, allowing the computer to adjust resistance based on terrain. Zwift is available on a computer as well as through their smartphone app.

  • Zwift is best for : training, off-season riding, quick rides

The Best App for Honing Mountain Biking Skills

8. Ryan Leech Connection

Ryan Leech is a well-known instructor of mountain bikes. He used to be a professional trials rider, and he was very successful. Now he makes videos for his online course called The Ryan Leech Connection.
You can learn to bunny hop and practice cornering. Also, you will learn how to pop wheelies, improve your physical fitness, as well as how to do other things like improving your overall health.
You can access the course and videos from him on a computer. However, he also offers an app that allows you to view his videos while you are out in your yard practicing these skills.

  • Ryan Leech is best for : Learning, improving, and building relationships

Best Apps for Mountain Bike News

9. Mountain Flyer

Mountain Flyer is a top mountain bike magazine. You can download all issues on their app and read on the go.
Mountain Flyer publishes editorial pieces, gear reviews, and racing news. You can subscribe for four issues per year, or purchase back issues.

  • Mountain Flyer is best for: Staying up to date on industry news, reading on the go

10. ENDURO Mountain Bike Magazine

ENDURO is another popular mountain bike magazine. Although they don’t publish a printed journal, all of their online content is available on their app.
Find honest reviews, amazing worldwide adventures, how-tos for mountain biking, and more. It’s engaging and beautiful, and it’s completely free.

  • ENDURO is best for: News, instruction, gear reviews, and more

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